What is IV vitamin and mineral infusion therapy?

When we eat, we absorb nutrients through our digestive system. Unfortunately, the American diet often lacks quality nutrients, leading to nutritional deficiencies that keep our bodies from functioning properly.  IV vitamin and mineral infusion therapy bypasses the digestive system and delivers nutrients directly into your bloodstream. This is an extremely efficient way to boost your levels of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids.

How does IV vitamin and mineral infusion therapy work in the body?

When you take an oral supplement, you absorb about 50 percent of the benefits. When you receive IV vitamin and mineral infusion therapy, you absorb about 90% of the benefits. In addition, the nutrients do not need to pass through the digestive system, so the results are nearly immediate.

What are the benefits?

IV vitamin and mineral infusion is efficient and effective. Aside from providing necessary hydration, it also replenishes vital lost electrolytes. Drinking a lot of fluids can put strain on your digestive system—IV therapy provides the benefits without the strain, allowing your digestive system valuable time to process and recover. It increases your immunity, detoxes your system, and improves the function of your brain, joints, muscles, and skin cells. By taking the strain of processing nutrients off of the systems of the body and allows those systems time to rest and recover.

Who would benefit from it?

Everyone can benefit from hydration and more complete nourishment of the body, but our formulas can especially benefit athletes, those who travel, and those who are ill or fatigued. It can even accelerate wound healing, help combat allergies, and reduce symptoms of migraines and asthma.

Our formulas:

Replenish & Relax (saline & B12)
Best for hydration and energy boost
Our hydration formula replenishes your electrolytes and quenches your body’s thirst.

Regenerate & Revitalize (vitamin C, B12, B complex, arginine, carnitine)
Best for stamina and strength
Perform your best with this formula full of energy-boosting nutrients.

Revive & Recover (zofian, B complex, B12, vitamin C, glutathione, magnesium, selenium)
Best for hangover cure and energy boost
Restore your body to wellness and replace lost nutrients after a long night with our “hangover aid” formula.

Radiate & Rejuvenate (B complex, glutathione, vitamin C, biotin)
Best for beauty and glowing skin
This formula is designed to help you look and feel your best by enhancing your natural glow and purify your cells from the inside out.

Renew & Reduce (B complex, vitamin C, taurine, MIC)
Best for supplementing weight loss
Conscious dietary choices and regular exercise are the keys to feeling the best you can in your skin, but this formula can give your body the extra boost you need to reach your weight-loss goals.

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